Actions and Public Information

Necessary policy and statements for the Government of America Defense, Warning for embassy personnel
  • There is not weapons use permitted, even where measured against radioactive weapons pointed at our nation, by some government alleging a right to dump things on the heads of your populations and flocks.
  • Extremism of science, military, and tactic is difficult to fight; and it fight that might not subside among mankind. It is important we recognize the problems of where these sciences become a concern and learn to work around those problems.
  • The war on terrorism in the united states has had corruption or militants deploy electromagnetic and other weapons against more 104,000 people, and doing harm, alleging these free men have no right to confront accuser while killed by "hero's" if they don't "figure it out." Terror events designed by cooperating government agents, where indicated, might either be abandoned or hidden further; the deconstruction of such project is win, with or without a cage. Those listed persons should have the phone and electromagnetic induction lines, or other influential and abusive technology, removed from under those persons identified with terrorism or requirement to carry a label, and the cooperating persons identified as connected to either personal associations or weapons use identified, where loss of life has resulted.
  • You are not a terrorist swinging at weapons deployed against your home, community, and town. This includes chemical weapons, biological, infrastructure, hand held, driven, airborne, naval, subsurface, and more. The civility of the united states armed forces appears to be with some ability to challenge gun powder combatants, ability to fight a war without using atomic weapon, and the community members should resolve where they need to act or involve others. Pressure from united nations are stern and possibly contributed to consequences of use scenarios for small or large nations. You could be labeled a terrorist for engaging terrorism like other events and doing property damage to the area or harming innocent civilians directly, or indirectly with flight deliverables as collateral or direct damage. In this modern war, the CIA has defined gun powered combatants and property damage qualify terrorism worthy of a newspaper, and that limitation is being filled by our work. Here it is important to discern terrorism; a man in a "terror watch" movie that is encouraged to act like a terrorist because of coercion, energy weapons use, or other unusual or suggestive activity has several choices after fight or flight is achieved while "so called feds" break their target and instruct how to act or where to swing. These persons can locate and swing at the weapons, target the people, leave the area, file a lawsuit, get involved... The actions of targeting innocent civilians or non combatants is terrorism related, and with example in Florida of shake and bake (vocal remote shake down and application of harm) victim and shooter of pulse night club targeting the people he was told to blame, rather than the weapons use r the men using those weapons and programs. Two entirely different consequences from the same problem. Often it is because the victims do not know what is working on them when they are willing to fight, that has a wrong response. It is important to train on how to locate the symptoms and probable sources of these assaults and be informed of how to find it. Swinging at the weapons in use, and you are not a terrorist, you are operating in self defense, not as a terrorist for anyone but assailants.
Here are some internal Documents for embassy personnel to take into consideration
  • MTV How to identify and confront the problem. (Mafia television, fake news, massage television, etc.)
  • Surviving the war of Hollywood terrorism and terrorist watch lists.
  • Locating incursive or other hardware monitoring that is unusual, hidden, or remote.
  • Espionage and Defense; resolving agents or militants who wear audio tapes as armor for insurgents.

The actions of this fellow are not the actions or statements of the GoA, or some purity of words written. Where oath is concerned of this fellow, it is given under oath, everything this person considers is agreement of free speech for self defense; even where some argue the information always leaves the body and a purity of oath is achieved as lived after accepting the oath, the record is always in motion where some light or darkness is near my skin and moving away while with space around me, and thus the observation of the oath is present, even where I state adherence where given or required by self or another. Where this person takes missteps walking a path few others have, and reasons in a public way... where noted... with a word processor and a printing press, it enables an observation of more than one perspective for actions resolving a new oath to a man.
Oath and Embassy (exploratory)
  • Those persons asking to participate with this embassy, as a personal embassy established for access to paperwork, and with a series of guidelines we agree to adhere, when interacting in situations among locals, and where the person is treated as not part of the state or has one quality the other state murders or justified harm against. These systems in American culture might be perceived as selective, and where to be part of the united states a man must be of x quality, and where to be a citizen of America, you must respect the nature and wildlife and understand agreement among men in one place or another if you travel there; and among the government of many other men and organizations. As physical for the embassy presence, it is with my oath, and among others who are willing to testify with an oath, and where observation of continuum is a truth deliberately stated relative to some action of the person or situation relative to that data. It is important to this embassy, and because if I stand on my roof at night, 200 years from now, someone at another star will see me standing on the roof of my home, two hundred lights away and to years from now. The statement I make is measured against the oath relative to action is important; and where I state, science of men have no way to do this or need for such distances. The consideration is local.
  • One of the requisites of a fellow, requires we understand how the continuum of data works as it leaves the planet and goes into space, and where some action that is unusual is put into the continuum because of activity among living species, compared to spraying a planet evaluated against geological history, we have to manage that problem in hypothesis, and then work to resolve information for how we respond. Meaning, if extra terrestrials are watching 1000 light years distance, men responded to this type of attack 1000 years ago, intercepted they used jets and other tactic to fight the planetary problem. We indicate then with action in the continuum. During these periods our oath should be firm, when the observation is for preservation of what I discern made trees and other life being billions of years old, and as understood with such limited measurements of this day.
  • The type of oath talked about here, is not limited to.
The development here is not complete, and authorities or privilege have not been exercised from this perspective while it is being evaluated. It is not required for men to accept the statements of an ARK, and if they do, they should be molded to the person as belief relative to environment. Examples of problem statements might be like "I don't wear jackets because I want to be close to the continuum oath, favoring natural nudity," and then later forced to question that statement when standing in the snow or in a room full of people, or whether to go to those places at all...