Government of an Ark
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"That We Govern for Freedom"
"Oceans and Atmospheres"

The Embassy of anArch

Founding Documentation
Actions and Public Information

This embassy is established as part of the individual to communicate on such grounds requiring an accessible mediary enabling establishment that is not foreign as an individual whom is made foreign to a government in our home lands by declaration of men directly, indirectly, and with analogy of action and presentation, armed incursion, armed removal, electronic targeting, unusual punishment or torture, action of extermination by birth or declaration of deviation as freemen, erroneous allegations of crime, violations of prosperity agreements, immigration, belief, or contrary action. A person seeking refuge can do so with anARK in the home of which they reside with sanctuary laws, or through the establishment of embassy as an individual free man that is American.

Actions by other groups of men inside the territorial Americas, and where those actions incur blame or conflict repercussions for the individual whom are not part of that conflict including the following statements as asserted, require the use of an embassy and diplomat to assert contrary, including:
  • Declarations of War.
  • Declarations of Peace.
  • Declarations of Extermination among men or Flock of this and other nations.
  • Declarations of engineering the planets, waters, and skies.
  • Declarations prior to use of environmentally damaging or altering chemical, biological, viral, or radiological and radioactive weapons.
Establishing an embassy, is with such intent as to establish authority of the individual to request an armistice, declare war, or negotiate a peace agreement, concerning the deployment of weapons against the individuals nest and castle, action of war and violations of territorial agreement, to encourage or prohibit, authorize or deny, access tot he land to engage such activity; and deliver or make available such arguments, agreements, political discussions, and encourage participation.

Stating: The United States Government does not speak for, or act on behalf of, the Individual, and where suggested with policy or action that it does, the embassy is empowered as intermediary concerning conflict, war, peace accord, or other agreements, or actions impacting the individual without direct consent.

The individual is authorized act through the embassy concerning Loss
  • Of freedom to vote
  • Of Liberty guaranteed by the constitution; including incarceration, or construction of a cage around the home.
  • Of Voice and Free press (often by isolation of media networks)
  • Of Weapons for Self Defense
  • Of freedom to refuse medical implants for tracking
  • Of freedom to refuse weapon deployments, crop dusters, and weaponized media (electronic quartering)
  • Of freedom to act against digital occupation and electronic quartering (Remote monitoring)
  • Of freedom as an individual, where another group of men has established themselves as the governing authority for the individuals and their actions
Prior to any conflict, is noted the coercion of a population and the necessity to enumerate the reason(s) compelling separation or the creation of an intermediary, for one reason or another, to argue, discuss, or come to agreement. That the men identified, have deployed enough networks under our homes, sprayed our town with chemical weapons, and deployed weaponized media to such extent, among town and city in the state of Florida, to constitute the general coercion of the population as precursor to a conflict; guised as crime, harassment agency of domestic and foreign enemy, or other, where when identified and numbered are the distributed deployments, flights, media and radio acts, those actions constitute an act of war against our countrymen in this and other nations. Among men, who have declared themselves the defense of the people as soldiers bearing arms as both enforcement and military assets, refusing the individuals defend themselves, community, and town with combination of weapons removal, policy agreeing with or empowering such assault, or removing ability to challenge that assault, while caging the domestic defense as enemy and whilst cooperating among men assaulting our people, this embassy stands between us and them. That our only choice, is not to die, and so we move forward with caution.

United States of America and the Individuals of America
Reasonable expectation of territorial defense.

Arguments and Structure of individual government
  • Arch Law, Natural Law in a Natural Nation
  • Arch Embassy, Where the Embassy of Washington Dc or the States will not represent the Individual
  • Ark Law, Grounds of Belief argued as part of United States or American Law
  • Arc Law, Law governing the use of spark relative to natural energy container measurements.

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