Government of an Ark
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"That We Govern for Freedom"
"Oceans and Atmospheres"

The Embassy of anArch

Founding Documentation
Actions and Public Information

This is being debated, because the land of florida has already a structure to particapte with that has taken so long to construct, and that is well administered and built among men to the best of our abilities as elected and volunteer public servants and officials, and the foriegn nations have their embassies here also. While presented is what could be a gesture of embassy, we are free men in our nation. What is achieved with a different brand of freedom when it ours already, and we are with right to defend it? The preservation of freedom is what is needed and that of our prosperity agreements, and where what is developed is strength. Should a church or a free man need an embassy inside our own free country; less it become foregn to us, why should I distant from freedom, when it is those other men who carry our flag and abuse our people alleging they free, and the people are not. To learn if this is neccessary, I will work this role acordingly, until it is dicerned properly and discussed. While i Work to build a community and achieve particpation, this role can also be avlauted among community members par of the anArk, and those domains for referecne colelcted at

This embassy is established as part of the individual to communicate on such grounds requiring an accessible mediary enabling establishment that is not foreign as an individual whom is made foreign to a government in our home lands by declaration of men directly, indirectly, and with analogy of action and presentation, armed incursion, armed removal, electronic targeting, unusual punishment or torture, action of extermination by birth or declaration of deviation as freemen, erroneous allegations of crime, violations of prosperity agreements, immigration, belief, or contrary action. A person seeking refuge can do so with anARK in the home of which they reside with sanctuary laws, or through the establishment of embassy as an individual free man that is American.

Actions by other groups of men inside the territorial Americas, and where those actions incur blame or conflict repercussions for the individual whom are not part of that conflict including the following statements as asserted, require the use of an embassy and diplomat to assert contrary, including:
  • Declarations of War. (This is interesting because other men declsred war for me, I did not agree to.)
  • Declarations of Peace. (This empower us to make apeace agreement whetehr the other men want to or not)
  • Declarations of engineering the planets, waters, and skies.
  • Declarations prior to use of environmentally damaging or altering chemical, biological, viral, or radiological and radioactive weapons.
Establishing an embassy, is with such intent as to establish authority of the individual to request an armistice, declare war, or negotiate a peace agreement, concerning the deployment of weapons against the individuals nest and castle, action of war and violations of territorial agreement, to encourage or prohibit, authorize or deny, access tot he land to engage such activity; and deliver or make available such arguments, agreements, political discussions, and encourage participation.

Stating: The United States Government does not speak for, or act on behalf of, the Individual, and where suggested with policy or action that it does, the embassy is empowered as intermediary concerning conflict, war, peace accord, or other agreements, or actions impacting the individual without direct consent.

The individual is authorized act through the embassy concerning Loss
  • Of freedom to vote
  • Of Liberty guaranteed by the constitution; including incarceration, or construction of a cage around the home.
  • Of Voice and Free press (often by isolation of media networks)
  • Of Weapons for Self Defense
  • Of freedom to refuse medical implants for tracking
  • Of freedom to refuse weapon deployments, crop dusters, and weaponized media (electronic quartering)
  • Of freedom to act against digital occupation and electronic quartering (Remote monitoring)
  • Of freedom as an individual, where another group of men has established themselves as the governing authority for the individuals and their actions
Prior to any conflict, is noted the coercion of a population and the necessity to enumerate the reason(s) compelling separation or the creation of an intermediary, for one reason or another, to argue, discuss, or come to agreement. That the men identified, have deployed enough networks under our homes, sprayed our town with chemical weapons, and deployed weaponized media to such extent, among town and city in the state of Florida, to constitute the general coercion of the population as precursor to a conflict; guised as crime, harassment agency of domestic and foreign enemy, or other, where when identified and numbered are the distributed deployments, flights, media and radio acts, those actions constitute an act of war against our countrymen in this and other nations. Among men, who have declared themselves the defense of the people as soldiers bearing arms as both enforcement and military assets, refusing the individuals defend themselves, community, and town with combination of weapons removal, policy agreeing with or empowering such assault, or removing ability to challenge that assault, while caging the domestic defense as enemy and whilst cooperating among men assaulting our people, this embassy stands between us and them. That our only choice, is not to die, and so we move forward with caution.

United States of America and the Individuals of America
Reasonable expectation of territorial defense.

Arguments and Structure of individual government
  • Arch Law, Natural Law in a Natural Nation
  • Arch Embassy, Where the Embassy of Washington Dc or the States will not represent the Individual
  • Ark Law, Grounds of Belief argued as part of United States or American Law
  • Arc Law, Law governing the use of spark relative to natural energy container measurements.

Government of anARK

It is important to note, that the absence of the Y is indicated for a period of time, specific to the government of an Arch. The government of anArch (Governing a natural perspective of construction) is development securing a prosperous freedom for individuals among many armed men, doctors, and their cages. You can read more about how we govern ourselves among men for freedom and contribute to developmental work exploring ways to present a government consisting of individuals as American, already established, and consistent among an elected public administration. Like oil and water, often the politician and individual is asked to do business with separation of church and state. Recognizing the natural garden planet we guide our actions as intelligent individuals, politicians, scientists, of belief and natural reference over time, and more reasoning perhaps as unique as the person maneuvering for survival. This is important for the perspective actions of this developmental fellow, whom has indicated how I understand the deities and the gods at the Government of anARK (Governing a natural perspective of belief) and continue the public development of science, belief, and government using properties indexed at (not exclusive as the only perspective offered,) while seeking other perspectives of the garden planet among people to further a collected observation. The devlopment of anark has perspectgive, and somefsay their might migth tens of thousands of chapter to choose from, each written of that experience. Where some men might govern to create anArchy, we govern ourselves among those conditions with prosperity agreements, to ensure prosperity. The perspectives of our natural home can be infinite regarding our position to it and what data we note of what we see or perceive of that construction. For a man to suggest the house either is or is not, is limited.

Guidance and Deductive Reasons

Where am i making mistakes here? The development of this constrcution might be taking a wrong direction, or be confused in some ways by my expericne... and because what i am trying to discern is a reference with a purity of leadership establsihed not by us as men, but with discoveries shown as a truth that can be evaluted and debated among men for some proper course of management to be made in accordance with the example and planet already. The presentation here, where bias is discovered, should be evaluted for statement and what is presented a truth of science, belief, experience story telling, and example, and those names accordingly through out history exceedng thousand of dieties. Where from this i can evaluate my nations as a man, and with service to government, belief and more... managing according to an authority whom has managed the garden planet for so long, i see the result all around me for the life that has been created and sustaine, and establish a natural reference among so many, that men can debate as right or wrong. The example is i use a science over long period of time to make a measurement, with my understanding, i use uline and the rule, among other observation not limited to energy, and establish this is just and what is natural, and men did this, or an alien did that, and now the measuremnt is; as manager i can evaluate with our teams and theologists, and make decision that would adhere that measuremnt, by resolving the problems of men intelligently. And because the reference is pure, other men can then argue my action as either in accordance with or not. If scientist came to me and said the men are using all these things, elecrtromagentic, and clearly, we need some law or order to require them not to use, or to innoate within some maesurable natural. As manager, i make the decision, and then later the scientist come back and say the measurements we are making because of that choice of our agreement among men, to have the men not use or innovate, are closer to those natural conditions the planret has already set example of; rght where they agree with million of year and some average. The problme began to find resoltuon because we correct the huamsn behaviour, not the planet. The choice was good, and because it is clearly define, other men of other nations can argue, input, or even work thelsve to crrect according to some agrremtn we have discovered proper and just. Where the gods might never tell us how they lead, we can observed what they have led, and discern from example.

Violations of Prosperity Agreements

Example in the united states, are they preserve life, and defend life, but we find the men ot protecting life. And with officer defending the life of men, the agreement with the consitution and natural gods, was natural environemt and life, not excluing the flocks or animlas of the garden. Men recently using planes, taking an inch, to remove life from so many individuals, as if they are greater than, or better than... and saying it is because they dont want to be bit that they do what they do, and then among men, and man in floirda, they say, your not permitted to do as the flock does, or their own, and fight withot being put in a cage, while not opening pursuigna cage for assaiants and war crime. what really is the intent? Where the danger of what is discoverd is known, why would a man alleged to preserve life, having an oath remove a weapon or refuse to remove weapons from under schools and churches?

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